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Fabbro Zino - The Company

The company can currently offer a rich and diversified production; through careful and precise processing of the raw material, it creates lighting articles, with control and verification of the electrical part, and accessories for furnishings.
Architectural elements of artifacts are molded, including railings and handrails with elegant shapes, wonderful artistic expressions that adapt well to any environment, satisfy every need, wisely combining practicality, solidity and aesthetic refinement.

In addition, hardware accessories for doors, windows and furniture in general are part of a vast repertoire expertly treated and aged, becoming themselves small masterpieces of high craftsmanship.

In addition to the products in the catalog, it is possible to create a customized object on customer request: the company offers the study and design of the artefacts and provides color prints as well as scale drawings 1:1.
If necessary, site inspections are carried out and the items are loaned to be tested directly at home.

The laboratory is the heart of the company, the place where master blacksmiths work and give life to splendid creations, as a result of great experience.
The tools and machinery used are constantly maintained and are replaced or modernized, to always comply with current regulations.
The production cycle consists of some phases performed entirely by handcraft:
- the processing of the raw material;
- the antiqued-rust finishing with natural processes;
- painting;
- decoration.